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Custom Solutions

  • Customized solutions and packages to meet the unique needs for business of all sizes, ranging from small business dial up connectivity to enterprise T3 connectivity.
  • Develop, design, and implement customized software solutions to meet needs of businesses which cannot be met with commercial packaged software
  • Provide businesses with the opportunity to create packages to meet various needs while consolidating the amount of invoices to as minimal as one

Internet Services

  • Broadband/High-Speed Internet for Historical Buildings, Hospitality, Educational and Business Customers
  • Dedicated Access - How do you provide fast, reliable online services? How do you ensure that your customers and business partners can contact your company via your e-commerce and Web hosting systems? Dedicated Internet Access is the answer. You are assured that SPC will deliver T1 or T3 service that meets the most stringent standards for network performance.
  • A Direct Internet Access This connection provides you exclusive Internet access allowing you to concentrate on what's really important to your business - increasing your market share, expanding into new markets, and adding value to your products and services - instead of worrying about the performance of the Internet.
  • Dial Internet Access Employees, remote users, and business partners can stay in touch regardless of where business takes them with dial products. Access to a TCP/IP backbone is typically just a local phone call away and getting started is easier then ever. Dial-up Internet access is perfect for multiple users in a single, physical location
  • Internet Dial Solo - Connect single, remote, and mobile users directly to the Internet with business-class dial-up service. Buy now and receive convenient, online account management tools through the MCI Customer Center; free 24x7 technical support, and a free e-mail account.

Internet Dial Office

Dial-up Internet access for multiple users in a single, physical location.

  • Web/mail Hosting services
  • Wired and wireless LAN, WAN and Metropolitan configurations.
  • Custom solutions and packages to meet the unique needs for business of all sizes

Hardware and Software

  • Hard disk, CD and DVD Data Recovery Support
  • Support for most Microsoft, Unix and Linux Operating Systems
  • Desktop Support Services (contract and on-call available)
  • Hardware Sales for Desktop Intel/AMD, Linksys, Netgear, Telco Systems, Cisco, Netscreen
Network and Systems
  • Localized and Geographically-distributed data backup networks/systems
  • Network Infrastructure Design, Integration, Training and Management.
  • Systems Infrastructure Design, Integration, Training, and Management.
  • Security Solutions for secure communication over the network and the internet including managed firewalls

Telecommunications & Data Communications

Managed/Colocation Services

  • Data Center Services
  • Managed or Self-Managed colocation packages provided to meet the needs of each business
  • Provide the most cost-effective broadband service to meet individual business needs and manage every step from customizing service, installation, and providing services thereafter
  • Create more efficient network solutions that drive down costs.
  • Obtain higher connection quality and eliminate local loop charges.
  • AC & DC power options, common space and caged space to meet your business needs.
  • Choose from an array of maintenance services and reduce the need for dedicated personnel to perform minor maintenance.
  • Establish a physical presence in multiple cities, regionally or nationwide - without the expenses of additional staffing and office space. Experience the power of ICG's Customer Colocation Service designed to leverage your existing resources while you expand into new markets.

Managed Access - We manage every detail in the provisioning and installation of DSL, Cable, T1, ISDN and Satellite Internet access to ensure you get the most cost-effective broadband service to meet your needs. Also, our Global Remote Access service allows mobile users to easily access the Internet and your corporate network from thousands of worldwide dial-up, wireless and wired broadband locations.

Managed VPN - We provide secure VPN communications over diverse network infrastructures to centralized business applications. This allows your company to quickly connect home-based workers, small offices, and retail locations that use broadband access; and mobile workers that use dial-up and wired or wireless broadband.

Managed Security - We provide firewall services that secure corporate information for mobile workers, home-based workers and remote offices. This includes the ability to enforce and manage firewall and antivirus policies in conjunction with Internet and corporate VPN access.

Data Connectivity

  • Dedicated data network
  • High speed bandwidth applications and ATM solutions
  • Dedicated access and local access
  • Dial up services
  • Private Network and Point to Point Networking
  • Data communication services available for domestic and international businesses

Voice Services

  • Local and Long Distance services available, including phone service, voicemail, paging, calling cards, and directory assistance (including inter state, state to state and international plans) Bundled Services available
  • Voice products available include; Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • VoicePipe available - frees you from worry by carrying calls and data on national converged voice and data network. It frees you from the headaches of dealing with separate voice, long distance and data networks and service providers. With VoicePipe, you're free to choose the specific bandwidth you need from T1 on up. You have more freedom to assign different calling features to different phones. And VoicePipe's intuitive Web-based call management frees IT from having to come to the rescue every time someone forgets how to make a conference call.
  • Toll Free Services available
  • Contact Center Services
  • Voice + Web Conferencing from ICG is an integrated service that gives you the ability to conduct and control phone and online meetings, run presentations and software applications, and view websites simultaneously. But what that really means is it's a slick business communications tool that helps you be more productive. And in turn, more competitive. Wholesale and Retail Solutions available

Voice Over IP

Offer a cost effective voice solution over an IP network for clients

Converged Solutions

  • Provide solutions to consolidate voice and data solutions to one point of connect

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